Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas eve alone.

Not that I mind spending Christmas eve alone. Given that I don't celebrate Christmas in a religious, or even really secular way, today and tomorrow are pretty much like any other days of the year to me. I've already had my festivities, and I don't need two.

That being said, mind, I am going to my mother's apartment tomorrow for a turkey dinner and some good old-fashioned together time, the kind I haven't enjoyed in probably the better part of a decade now.

But I must admit, I am a bit lonely. Rachel has gone to spend the night with her parents, a tradition in her family so that everyone can be there bright and early on Christmas morning. I was invited to go along too, but really, I've never been fond of crowds, and with Rachel's brother and his growing family coming along too, things would likely have been a bit too much for me to find enjoyable.

I wouldn't mind being alone so much, if I wasn't so very bored right now! I wanted to do some cooking, but the yeast is dead so I can't bake any bread, and the pot I was going to make turkey soup stock in has some sort of horrible grease in it that resists scrubbing, so that idea's out for now. I might end up removing that grease tonight, but likely by then it will be too late to make the stock before I get tired and go to bed.

I'd be knitting right now, but I've been doing so much of that lately that the tips of my fingers are starting to feel numb! Let it never be said that I don't do a lot of knitting! Fortunately I'm almost 3/4 of the way done the squares for the blanket, and then all that remains will be sewing them up. I do wish I could have finished it before the holidays really started, but the intended recipients don't seem to mind getting it a little late, thankfully.

Maybe I'll make myself a nice cup of herbal tea, to coothe my numb fingers and bring a little bit of energy back into myself. There's no sense in moping around when I could be doing something productive, after all.

A Merry Christmas, to whomever celebrates it!

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